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MEditeranian Dreams

July 29, 2009

These dreamy sun godess pics have got my itchin to go visit some villa in Spain.


STudio Time

July 26, 2009

I’m so happy right now… just spent the weekend setting up a new studio space.  A room dedicated to my creative endeavours.. no more worring about ruining the carpet with paint, I can be as messy as I want.  At Uni I would spend hours in the studio, losing track of time and sometimes even getting locked in.  This is one of my most favourite places to be.


CAmping with a Twist

July 24, 2009


Chaos and Catastrophe

July 21, 2009

I love the artists appreciation for sweet and synthetic color, and translucency.


July 21, 2009


July 21, 2009

“When you are in a peak experience you don’t need words, and it’s like you’ve come home to something you intuitively recognise as rightful, and trying to explain it in words just ends up diminishing it. And once you have that kind of experience, the world of ego-drives and desires and narcissistic self-involvement and competition, it becomes unimportant because there is something much more essential that you understand about life. The question of the importance of peak experience to what we as human beings are doing to the planet is really important. “

Poetic Musings

July 19, 2009

 Mcginley’s favourite subject, “bohemina spirits” photographed across the American landscape.  I love the seductive innocence he captures in these photos. 

It’s all in the Details

July 9, 2009
I think it is important to create your bedroom with details that reflect yourself. Detail is all about pleasure. On the level of enjoyment, it embraces wit, surprise and personal expression: the imagination in free play. Things exist purely for their own sake – a bowl of lemons, a bunch of fragrant flowers, photographs of family and friends, and paintings – add pure joy in small doses and life would be much poorer without them.
Objects that are embedded with a sense of place and authenticity. It is not a quality that can be simulated or imposed; it’s personal and comes naturally when you have the courage of your convictions, when you select what you really like and “go to the end of your feelings.” It takes a leap of faith to buy or display what really moves you, but the result will give you pleasure on a daily basis and imbue your room with your personality. The most important details of all are those that make your room yours and not anyone else’s. They are the things that remind you of where you’ve been , what you’ve done whom you’ve known and loved.

Follow your Love

July 9, 2009

Do what you love no matter what, being passionate about whatever it is that comes naturally to you. It’s my favorite thing in the world meeting other passionate people doing what they love, especially when it screams out at you through their actions, works, or creations.