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Liquid Assests

June 30, 2009
First dip in the lake this summer

Water Baby

June 29, 2009

Coolll.. my first blogg ever.  haha . A little bit about me:  One minute I’m covered in paint working on a painting, next thing I know I’m running off somewhere. I seem to always be on on the go, and love it that way. I love the water and all things outdoors and have been testing my luck – snowboarding, wakeboarding and windsurfing. I attended Queen’s University in Kingston and received a BFA in Fine Arts. My curiosity and creative endeavors have led me on travels around the globe. My inspirations come from nature, traveling, music, friends, everything vintage, funny day-to-day incidences and the wide-open road. Oh and how could I forget – I love my dog Preppy. I’m doing what I love and couldn’t be happier…